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The best thing that ever happened to your law firm. We deliver verified, exclusive and affordable leads that convert into clients.

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Mass Tort Legal Leads & Signed Retainers

The ultimate MASS TORT lead generation service. We provide high-converting, exclusive and ethical leads with signed retainers.


Our expert team develops and implements strategic marketing campaigns specifically designed for the legal industry. The team works rigorously to identify and connect with ideal clients, maximizing your reach to those in need of your legal expertise. We excel in refining quality leads for lawyers that undergo a comprehensive screening process. The process helps us verify the legitimacy and relevance of the legal needs.


Being a leading MASS TORT lead generation service provider, Revolts Inc is focused on working towards one goal — empowering law firms with high-quality leads. We have a track record of acquiring qualified legal leads for attorneys in the USA. We are a team of vetted experts who comb through various resources to bring only qualified and verified leads to you. That means partnering with Revolts Inc brings you exclusive and affordable leads tailored to your expertise.

Strategic Lead Generation
Pre-Qualified Leads
Deliver Industry Expertise
Real-Time Delivery
Cost-Effective Solution
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Client-Focused Results

Leads We Generate

Partner with us today, and let us provide you with a consistent stream of pre-qualified leads. By leveraging our expertise, you can focus on what you do best while we handle the lead-generation process efficiently. We perform a comprehensive screening process so you save your time and stay focused – providing exceptional legal representation to your clients. Together, we can drive your firm’s growth and make a positive impact on the lives of those seeking legal guidance

Types of Personal Injury Leads

Cyclist felling from bike on road and driver

Bicycle Accident Leads

Buy case-verified legal leads for your law firm related to bicycle accidents. We find individuals who need comprehensive legal support from attorneys following biking incidents… Read More

Photo of a motorcycle damaged after an accident on the highway

Motorcycle Accident Leads

Searching for leads for motorcycle-related accidents? Obtain discounted legal leads in bulk for law firms with potential clients. We verify these leads before they are delivered to attorneys… Read More

Physical injury at work of construction worker. Emergency medical

Workers Compensation Leads

Tailored leads for workplace injuries, Revolts LLC connects law firms with clients in pursuit of fair and effective workers’ compensation claims… Read More

Male person get injury after falling on slippery ground in winter

Slip and Falls Injury Leads

We have a team who proactively advertise across all marketing channels, ensuring we reach every individual in need. Hence, we deliver pre-qualified leads for slip and fall injuries… Read More

collision of cars on road big car accident

Truck Accident Leads

High-quality, pre-qualified leads involving commercial truck accidents, connecting law firms with potential clients seeking expert legal representation for truck-related collisions… Read More

Car accident, collision on the road, render 3D

Car Accident Leads

We find reliable leads for motor vehicle collisions and connect them to law firms with individuals in need of skilled legal assistance after car accidents… Read More

We Help You Generate Legal Leads

Revolts Inc Three Pillar System

Digital Acquistion Platform

Our advanced digital platform utilizes targeted marketing campaigns. With cutting-edge techniques, we attract potential plaintiffs actively seeking legal assistance. By strategically reaching the right audience, we generate a steady stream of pre-qualified leads for law firms.

In-House Intake Team

Our experienced intake team plays a crucial role in the lead acquisition process. They meticulously screen and qualify each lead to ensure only genuine and relevant plaintiffs are delivered to law firms. With their expertise, we maximize the quality of leads provided.

Deliver Qualified Plaintiffs

Our primary objective is to deliver pre-qualified plaintiffs to law firms. We have an interrelated system that keeps our digital platform and diligent intake team aligned, enabling us to deliver law firms high-quality leads ready for immediate engagement.

Your Trusted Lead Generation Partner

We are your premier legal case acquisition marketing company, which works with you, not for you. We help attorneys with a steady stream of pre-qualified leads. We work to satisfy clients by delivering carefully tailored legal leads to match your expertise and practice areas. You get plenty of reasons to choose, some of which we have explained here.

Proven Expertise

We have years of experience in the legal industry, we have a track record of success in delivering high-quality attorney case leads to law firms.

Tailored Solutions

Our services are customized to match your firm’s unique needs and practice areas. We offer comprehensive or specific legal leads.

Real-Time Delivery

Receive pre-qualified leads promptly for quick engagement with potential clients. We offer a live case transfer facility.


We have legal leads for sale for law firms in the USA. All leads you get from Revolts LLC are cost-effective so you maximize your return on investment.

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