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Exclusive Mass Tort Leads at Glance

When a group of people, in general, is harmed due to consuming or using products or due to any wrongful act or omission by particular organizations, falls under Mass Tort. Now, there may be thousands of lakhs of people who want to claim against the same defendants for the same reason. But, they need different lawyers or attorneys who will fight for them. That’s where we enter bridging the gap between the Mass Tort clients and lawyers, helping both meet their requirements.

How We Deliver Mass Tort Legal Leads

We have a process that ensures we deliver only reliable and pre-qualified mass tort leads to lawyers. We have a team of 100+ experts who comb through various resources and campaigns to bring only reliable mass tort clients for you. Our process ensures that all leads delivered to you are qualified.

What Benefits You Get with High-Converting Mass Tort Case Leads

Our mass tort case leads for lawyers are designed to keep you benefiting as we not only bring you quality legal leads, but also clients who will become your mass tort signed retainers. For example, when you get high-quality and pre-qualified leads from us, you save the time that you are supposed to spend on finding leads. We save this time for you. We have a team and predefined process that enables us to deliver only the quality and potential leads.

Types of Mass Tort Leads We Provide
Want to acquire mass tort cases without wasting your time, effort, money, and energy in finding them? We at Revolts Inc do it for you. We are a group of experts working towards one goal and that is to help lawyers get qualified and affordable leads. We empower lawyers across the USA to connect with individuals who have been affected by these specific mass tort issues. Here are the types of leads we offer:
Camp Lejune Leads

Ever since the Camp Lejeune Justice Act has been signed into law, veterans, military families, and staff have been looking for the easiest way to file claims and get compensation. We make this a little easier for lawyers by filtering through only qualified Camp Lejeune Leads.

Talcum Leads

Are you looking for potential and pre-qualified Talcum leads? We at Revots Inc deliver reliable leads for Mass Tort lawyers. We find out Talcum leads by utilizing various resources and means, ensuring our Mass Tort clients get only highly reliable and potential leads.

farmers sprying pesticide in wheat field wearing protective clothing
Roundup Leads

Want to acquire high-quality and pre-qualified Roundup leads? We do it for you by bringing selected, screened, and pre-qualified Roundup herbicide exposure cases for attorneys in the USA. We have a process and a dedicated team to find out plaintiffs seeking legal representation for glyphosate-related injuries. We transfer these cases live, directly to attorneys’ inboxes.

Application of water-soluble fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides in the field. view from the drone.
Paraquat Leads

Are you practicing Mass Tort cases and looking for mass tort clients? Do you want pre-qualified leads for paraquat herbicide exposure cases? Connect with us as we provide reliable and pre-qualified Paraquat leads for lawyers in the USA. We at Revolts Inc ensure you do not have to waste your precious time in finding, selecting, screening, and qualifying leads. We do this on your behalf while you stay focused on your core objectives.

Bottles of Milk on Table in Room
NEC Leads
Are you combing through resources and online platforms to find reliable and genuine NEC cases but all your efforts go in vain? Never mind! We do it expertly and you do not have to waste your time, money, and resources to find necrotizing enterocolitis cases. Connect with us and leave your lead generation job to us. We are America’s leading Mass Tort lawyer marketing agency, offering high-quality leads to attorneys in the USA.
Putting hair dye on the strand of hair.
Hair Relaxer Leads

The rising cases of hair relaxer is alarming and people are looking for reliable Mass Tort lawyers who can take the cases and help you pursue legal action and get compensation for the harm. So, if you are a lawyer in the USA and looking for hair relaxer mass tort cases, we can be your great source. Partner with today as we bring quality leads related to hair relaxer product injuries.

Tylenol Leads

Are you finding Tylenol legal leads? It must be consuming lots of your time and money in finding reliable leads. Let us take this hassle out of you and bring you pre-qualified and reliable leads for you cost-effectively. With Revolts Inc, you can get genuine individuals seeking legal representation and claim compensation for adverse effects caused by Tylenol products.

Synthetic Mesh used in Inguinal Hernia Repair or hernioplasty.
Hernia Mesh Leads

Revolts Inc provides reliable leads for hernia mesh complications to lawyers in the USA. We generate leads using various channels and marketing methods to ensure we have only qualified and genuine hernia mesh legal leads. We connect you to plaintiffs pursuing legal action for injuries caused by defective hernia mesh implants.

Zantac 150 is a popular OTC antacid.
Zantac Leads
Revolts find people who filed a Zantac lawsuit and those looking to file one. Besides, we also select only those who qualify for the lawsuit. You can acquire those pre-qualified leads cost-effectively. All you need to do is to connect with us and let us know your requirements.
doctor examining patient's eye with flashlight
Elmiron Leads
Are you looking for Elmiron lawsuit leads? We offer our mass tort clients targeted leads involving Elmiron users experiencing adverse effects. It ensures the leads turn into potential clients. Partnering with Revolts will ensure you save 60% of the time and money you spend on finding leads.
Firefighters spraying down fire flame from oil tanker truck accident
AFFF Leads

If you are looking for genuine AFFF leads, then Revolts Inc is the place for you. We provide leads related to Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF) exposure cases to attorneys in the USA. With our mass tort lead generation services, you can have peace of mind.

Why Choose Revolts Inc for Pre-Qualified Mass Tort Lawyer Leads

Revolts Inc is the leading mass tort advertising agency in the USA with a dedicated team of experts and marketing tools and mediums to find qualified mass tort lawsuit leads. Here is the top reason why we can be your reliable lead generation partner.

Jornaya Trusted Leads

We offer only Jornaya trusted leads, eliminating the chances of delivering unauthentic leads to lawyers.

Verified Mass Tort Litigation Leads

With a dedicated in-house team and intact process in place, we deliver high-quality and verified leads to mass tort law firms.

Mass Tort Case Leads Transferred Live
With our live lead transfer facility, you can respond to leads without delay. It will save time.
Cost Effective Leads

Are you worried about mass tort leads pricing? We have a streamlined process that enables us to deliver cost-effective leads to our partners.

Proven Track Record

We are a mass tort lead generation company with a proven track record of delivering only verified and reliable leads to clients.

How Our Platform Works

Want to partner with us for a wide range of Mass Tort case leads for lawyers? You need to follow these three simple steps and you are all set to acquire high-converting mass tort law firm leads.

Every process begins with connecting with us. We send direct leads so you stay focused on your core objectives.
Leads Filtering & Matching

Once you are registered with us, we filter the leads according to your specialization. Filtering ensures you receive only relevant leads.

Mass Tort Legal Leads Delivery
You will receive leads live, direct in your inbox. Live transferred leads will help you quickly connect prospects and turn them into potential clients.
How We Generate Mass Tort Law Firm Leads

We are one of the best mass tort lead generation companies in the USA, working for more than a decade. We know how and where to find qualified leads. We have a dedicated team and resources who work tirelessly and find only genuine leads. Here’s how we do it:

Paid Search
We use paid search mediums, like Google Ads so we reach the right people.
We have a dedicated in-house SEO working to bring potential clients to your law firm. Our team use various marketing methods to keep our website on the top of various search engines.
Social Media Campaign
We also have a dedicated social media team that runs paid campaigns to find qualified mass tort case leads. We have a separate strategy for each platform, such as Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Twitter ads, and more. This ensures that we reach the right people seeking attorneys’ help to file or fight legal litigation.
Other Platforms
Apart from these dedicated means, our creative team utilizes various other means, such as TVs, Radios, communities, and sponsorship to find the right plaintiffs. We work to serve and help people find lawyers and get compensation for the loss caused to them.
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