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Revolts Inc is a mass tort marketing agency specializing in generating high-converting, high-quality leads for personal injury lawyers. We have a proven process to bring leads that turn into retainers. Our personal injury attorney lead generation services are developed to help you grow your firm with a flow of leads.

Personal Injury Lead Generation Process

We are a reputed personal injury attorney lead generation service provider with a streamlined process to deliver leads that generate results. We are committed to deliver the best leads refining and selecting only qualified leads from the lead funnel. We have a dedicated team and process who go through a round of inquiries and detailed verifications to ensure the leads that reach you are useful.

Benefits for Attorney with Personal Injury Case Leads that Generate Results

With qualified and verified leads, you save your time, resources, and money. On one hand, you get only verified leads, and you can stay focused on your core business objectives. With genuine leads, you keep your clients happy and satisfied, resulting in higher engagement and retention rates.
Types of Personal Injury Leads We Offer

Even though various personal injury lead generation companies mention different personal injury attorney leads, we at Revolts Inc have made it simple for attorneys looking to buy personal injury legal leads. For example, we have categorized personal injury leads at revoltsinc.com into 6 main categories. Let’s explore them one by one.

Personal Injury Truck Accident Leads

Truck accident leads are crucial under PI leads and we help lawyers in the USA connect with individuals involved in commercial truck accidents. We refine and identify the people seeking representation in truck-related injury cases. 

Personal Injury Car Accident Leads

We help personal injury law firms find leads without letting them waste their time and resources. We offer cost-effective personal injury legal leads, so you can provide effective legal support to individuals victimized in car accidents.

Personal Injury Bicycle Accident Leads
With qualified bicycle accident leads, we help both bicyclists and lawyers connect. With pre-qualified bicycle accident leads, both get timely justice as lawyers do not have to waste time in finding leads, and injured bicyclists get attorneys who fight for their loss that occurred due to bicycle accidents.
Personal Injury Motorcycle Accident Leads

With a well-defined process in place and a robust marketing team in-house, we at Revolt Inc ensure you get on verified motorcycle accident leads at the cheapest possible prices. Our team connects with motorcyclists injured in accidents and connects them with a personal injury law firm and gets assistance in motorcycle-related cases.

Slip and Fall Injury Leads

Are you looking for slip-and-fall injury leads? Explore the best and pure-qualified slip and fall injury leads. We provide live leads so you reach out to individuals injured due to slips and falls and provide them with legal aid to make a claim for premises liability.

Workers Compensation Leads

Do you have expertise in workers’ compensation cases? We help you find the right and qualified workers’ compensation leads, so you help employees injured at work. We parodied leads for workers’ compensation cases and you can turn them into your retainers.

Why Partner With Revolts Inc for Personal Injury Law Firm Leads
Have you tried many personal injury lead providers but are not satisfied with their results? Try us. We are a different breed. We provide genuine personal injury attorney lead generation services that generate results. Here are the reasons that separate us from others.
Jornaya Trusted Leads

We provide high-quality personal injury leads for attorneys approached by Jornaya. With Jornaya Trusted Leads, we ensure you quality leads that turn into your retainers. 

We deliver Pre-Qualified Leads with Proven Expertise
We deliver the best leads because we have the best team with expertise in using omni marketing channels and finding leads for specific expertise. We work dedicated to clients and that helps us gain a good track record of success.
Tailored Solutions for Specific Leads

Do you want comprehensive leads for personal injury or want specific ones based on your expertise? We can help you acquire all types of leads, irrespective of your specialization and needs. Our services are customized to match your firm’s personal injury focus. That means you receive leads aligned with your practice areas and expertise.

Cost-Effective Strategy

Are looking to increase your caseload with personal injury lead generation cost-effectively. We help you generate quality and cost-effective leads without getting you involved in the lead generation process. With our personal injury case leads for sale you can avoid the time-consuming and costly efforts of setting up an in-house team for lead generation.

Streamlined Efficiency

With a streamlined process and award winning team, we handle your leads while you concentrate on delivering exceptional legal services to clients. You will get only qualified leads live transferred to your inbox. Connect with us and let us know your requirements.

Ethical Standards
We are a professional and one of the top rated personal injury lead generation companies in the USA that upholds the highest ethical standards. Everything we share with each remains confidential, no matter what the circumstances are. Your information is safe with us.
How Our Platform Works

We serve you by delivering verified leads right to your inbox. But, we do this because of the process we have established and dedicated work incessantly behind. Let’s explore the process for how you can use our platform and get leads without interruption.

Register/Send Us an Inquiry
Things start with a simple message of yours. Send your requirements or simply let us know how we can connect. We approach you within 24hrs (mostly in the next one after you send us an inquiry).
Leads Filtering & Matching
Once we connect and you buy our lead generation services, we filter personal injury legal leads based on your area of specialization. We make the lead filtering and matching process smooth using tools, so you focus on fighting cases, not finding cases.
Benefits of Pre-Qualified Personal Injury Leads for Attorneys

At Revolts Inc we have one purpose: “to serve” the people of the United States of America. We reach out to the masses, especially those looking for attorneys to file and fight cases or legal litigation on their behalf. Besides, we serve lawyers in the USA in their effort to fight cases with the utmost care and get justice for their clients. We serve you by providing pre-qualified leads verified by our team. Our leads offer you various benefits, including:

Cost Saving

When Revolts Inc and its dedicated team work with you to generate personal injury attorney leads, you save your time, resulting in saving a huge cost on every lead you spend.

Higher Conversion/Retention

We deliver only verified personal injury case leads for sale. It reduces the chances of getting fake leads. More quality leads result in higher conversion and retention rates.

Focus on Core Objective
We help you save time by providing high quality personal injury law firm leads that are screened and filtered by our team. This helps personal injury lawyers save time and give complete attention to the cases.
How Do We Get Pre-Qualified Personal Injury Case Leads For You?
We have a dedicated marketing team and a robust network that helps us find pre-qualified personal injury attorney leads. Our team of SEO, creative, and media experts ensures that no platform remains untouched to bring you potential leads who will become your retainers, not just clients. Here’s how we bring you qualified leads for your practice.
Paid Search (Google Ads)

Our creative team conducts Google ads to reach the target users. We screen those leads before sending them to you.

We have an experienced SEO team headed by industry experts. They work dedicatedly on our website, so it reaches people when they search for personal injury lawyers online.
Social Media Campaign
We run campaigns across all social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.
Other Platforms
Whether it is TV, Raidos, communities, or sponsorships, we use all mediums to reach target clients. We are also active on various forums, such as Quora, Reddit, and others to find out if anyone is looking for attorneys to file and fight their personal injury cases.
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