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Top rated Zantac lead generation service provider, offering pre-screen Zantac cancer leads to mass tort attorneys in the USA. We deliver the best-qualified leads based on the intake criteria specified by the law forms.

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Grow Your Law Firm with High Converting Zantac Legal Leads

Are you looking for high quality Zantac signed retainer leads? With more than a decade in this industry, Revolts Inc serves as a reliable partner for getting mass tort legal leads. We are offering pre-qualified legal leads at cost-effective rates. Here’s what keeps us excelling as a top legal leads marketing agency.

We Have an Expert Team and Process

We are a legal leads advertising and marketing agency with a vetted team of experts. We have been in the legal lead generation sector for more than a decade. We not only deliver high quality leads but also deliver value.

Get Benefits of Pre-Qualified Zantac Legal Leads

Revolts Inc works with reliability. We ensure that all leads you receive are qualified and pre-screened. We help you save time, money, and resources that you are supposed to spend on finding Zantac law firm leads.

Types of Zantac Injury Leads for Lawyers We Find

We are working constantly to find high converting legal leads for Zantac injury. Even if you are looking for any specialized Zantac injury leads, we help you deliver them in bulk or as you require. Let’s take a look at the top type of Zantac leads you can get from us.

Cancer Claims

We provide you leads from individuals who themselves or their family members are suffering from cancer and that has a link to the use of Zantac. They are potential claimants and can be your signed retainer.

Product Liability Claims

Acquire Zantac leads from individuals who believe that they have developed injury or harm after using Zantac. They are seeking legal action against the manufacturer. We deliver those leads in bulk to you.

Class Action Participation Leads

We also provide you leads from individuals who want to initiate class action lawsuits against Zantac manufacturers, often related to health concerns or allegations of product negligence.

Drug Recall Claims

Get verified and pre-qualified leads from individuals who were affected by the recall of Zantac. They are looking for the best Zantac mass tort lawyers who can help them take legal action against manufacturers and distributors.

Heartburn Medication Complications

We help you acquire leads for heartburn medication complication injury leads in which individuals want to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer as they are facing health issues after using Zantac.

Top Benefits of Partnering with Us for Exclusive Zantac Injury Leads

With more than a decade in the legal industry, we have made a reputation as a leading legal leads marketing agency. We find the best leads that not only help you convert but become clients. But, that’s not the only reason. There are many benefits you get.

Jornaya Trusted Leads

We are known for high quality legal leads providers. All leads we deliver to you are Jornaya approved.

11+ Years of Experience

We have been into legal leads generation for over a decade and we know how to find pre-qualified Zantac leads.

Risk Free Leads

Everything at Revolts Inc is transparent. That means we deliver you signed retainers or it’s free.

Experienced Team

We have infrastructure, processes, and an experienced team working rigorously to find verified leads.

Verified Zantac Injury Leads

All our marketing team follows a defined process to ensure the leads we find are verified and prescreened.

Comprehensive Support

We sent legal leads requirement and we delivered you leads. Job done…? No.. we keep supporting you till your leads convert.

Cost Effective

You can save up to 70% of the total cost you spend on finding leads. We are a marketing agency and we do this cost-effectively.

Our 3-Step Process

Getting leads from Revolts Inc is easy, you just need three steps to start getting leads. We have Zantac attorney leads for sale which you can grab easily. Here’s how.


The process starts with a simple form where you need to fill in your requirements. For example, the type of leads you want, the quantity you need, and the mode of our communication.

Lead Filtering

Once we are on board, our team will start filtering out leads relevant to your area of specialization.

Lead Delivery

Once things are set up, you start getting Zantac leads for your law firm. We will share the contact details of Zantac claimants as and when you need them.

Benefits of Pre-Approved Zantac Legal Leads

We have been in marketing for more than a decade and have served so many lawyers across the country. We deliver quality leads that save lawyers time and resources. But, there are a lot of other benefits that you get after getting pre-approved leads from us.

Higher Conversion Rates

Qualified Zantac leads ensure every lead you get converts, albeit only deliver leads that convert.

Time and Cost Saving

Your time is important to your clients. We help you save more just by offering pre-approved leads.

Stay Focused on Your Core Business Objective

When you save more time and do not have stress upon finding leads, you stay focused on the core objective.

How We Get Leads For You

We are a Mass Tort lead generation marketing company and we use every marketing tactic to find leads. We have team, process, and marketing tools that help you find mass tort leads for lawyers in the USA.

Google Ads (Paid Campaign)

We run a PPC campaign and Google ads to connect with the needy. We use the right keywords and best practices to find only verified leads.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have a team of SEO experts who know every marketing technique to keep our landing pages on top of every search engine.

Social Media

We stay connected with people through social media and even run Facebook ads, and Instagram campaigns to connect with the Zantac victims.

Other Platforms

Whether it is TV, Radio, Community events, or others, we reach out to the plaintiff by every possible means.

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