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Looking for Roundup Leads, We Help You Acquire High Quality and Verified Monsanto Roundup Clients.

Revolts Inc is a leading roundup lead generation service provider in the USA offering high-quality roundup injury client signed retainers cost-effectively.

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We Have Leads, Irrespective of your area of Specialization

Whether you are looking for leads for roundup injury lawyers or your law firm, we deliver high-converting leads at competitive prices. We have been delivering leads to lawyers and attorneys in the United States for over a decade. We are serving top lawyers and law firms with 96% retention rates.

Revolts Inc is a leading Mass Tort lead generation marketing agency in the USA, offering high converting and pre-verified legal leads at cost-effective rates. We have been offering reliable services for more than 13 years now and have multiple law firms, lawyers, and attorneys in the USA. We have secured 87% retention rates.

Expert Team and Smooth Process

Serving lawyers and law firms with pre-qualified leads and keeping them at the top of their competitors is our top priority. We do this and have been doing this for a decade. We have a team of experts who work tirelessly for you and a transparent process. Our team discovers high converting roundup signed retainers that even include glyphosate signed retainers while our process ensures smooth delivery leads.

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Types of Roundup Injury Leads

We have roundup legal leads for sale, irrespective of your needs. We deliver the best and most qualified leads. We are one of the leading roundup lead generation service providers in the USA offering only qualified leads that convert. Let’s explore some of the top roundup lead types that you can acquire at Revolts Inc


Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Claims

Looking for specific Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma claim leads? We discover high-converting leads who are not just your clients but your signed retainers. Find as many as roundup leads you need.

Product Liabilty

Product Liability Claims

We connect with people who have experienced adverse health effects using Roundup. They look at options to take legal aviation against the manufacturer. They believe that the manufacturer failed to warn.


Wrongful Death Due to Roundup Claims

We are actively discovering high converting leads for Roundup injury lawyers. This includes even the leads involving the families or estates of individuals who lost their lives from non-Hodgkin lymphoma due to Roundup use.


Pesticide Exposure Leads

Looking to acquire Roundup law firm leads for pesticide exposure claims? We connect with individuals who believe they have suffered health issues due to exposure to Roundup or glyphosate.

Top Benefits of Partnering with Us for Exclusive Roundup Leads

Get exclusive Roundup leads that are risk-free and discovered through a rigorous quality assurance process. We are the authentic sources for thousands of lawyers in the United States to find them the best leads. We are one of the top-rated legal leads marketing agencies offering reliable mass tort leads to law firms and attorneys across the USA. Here are the top reasons you can connect with us as your reliable partner.

Jornaya Trusted Leads

We are not just offering Mass Tort, we deliver quality. Jornaya-approved leads are the testimony. That means all leads you get are trusted and approved through Jornaya.

8+ Years of Experience

We are not new to this industry, we have been serving lawyers for more than a decade. With experience, we know the kind of leads you need. We discover only qualified leads and even charge for the leads that convert.

Experienced Team

We have 180+ vetted teams with diverse skill sets. They understand the specific needs of every lawyer and law firm. They are trained to discover signed Roundup injury leads that help you keep your firm growing.

Risk Free Leads

We keep things transparent and bring you signed clients or we ensure you get your money back. Everything we promise, we deliver as that’s how we serve in this tough competitive marketing landscape.

Comprehensive Support

We support you till the leads convert. That means throughout the process (from leads finding to getting those converted and signed) our team stays in touch with claimants. Once they become your signed retainers, we find another lead while you fight cases for them.

Cost Effective

We deliver pre-qualified leads at cost-effective rates. Unlike agencies, we help you with verified leads that convert. We have a defined process that helps us find legal leads that are approved and you get maximum ROI.

We Help You Generate Legal Leads

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How to Get Leads From Us

Connecting and partnering with us is simple. Basically, it takes just a call or text from you to connect with us. Once we are connected, we make it a simple process to acquire Roundup leads.


All of it begins with a simple call or text of yours. Let us know your requirements, contact details, and the type of leads you need. We will connect you back as soon we receive your mail, text, or call.

Lead Filtering and Matching

Once we know your requirements and the type of leads you need, we start finding those leads and deliver them to you using the right medium. We deliver leads based on your specialization.

Lead Delivery

Once everything is decided, we start delivering leads right through the process. Our team works constantly to find the best leads and help you acquire and convert.

Benefits of Pre-Approved Roundup Legal Leads

We are the leading Mass Tort lead generation provider based on principles and ethics. We treat your business as our own. That means we work with you, not for you. Working with clients helps us get aligned with your needs and deliver suitable leads. Here are the top benefits you get with us.

Higher Conversion Rates

We find and discover only high converting leads. We have a robust process in place to ensure the leads you receive are verified.

Time and Cost Saving

With high converting leads you save your time and spend that time in fighting cases for your plaintiffs.

Stay Focused on Your Core Business Objective

When you connect with us, we ensure not a single second of your time is wasted on finding leads. We do this heavy-lifting task for you while you fight cases.

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How We Get Leads For You

We are a Mass Tort lead generation marketing company with vetted marketing. We work towards one goal — find verified leads and deliver signed retainers. Our process and best marketing practices ensure we deliver large Mass Tort orders with superior quality assurance. Here’s how we make risk free case acquisition.

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Paid Search (Google Ads)

We efficiently deliver leads to a wide range of lawyers and law firms in the USA. We discover leads through paid campaigns, such as Google Ads. This process helps us reach out to the plaintiffs who are in need and look for reliable lawyers to help them get claims.

seo Leads

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We use SEO best practices to keep our landing pages on the top of most relevant search terms. It helps us remain on top of every search query defined by our team.

social media_Lead Generation

Social Media

We use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others to stay connected with the users. Besides, we also run paid Facebook campaigns to get leads for you.

Other Platforms

Other Platforms

Apart from these, we also use various other marketing channels, such as TV, Radio, Community events, and others to stay connected with every section of people who look for law firms.

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Get in touch with us today to discuss your legal needs. We offer a free consultation, so you can learn more about our services and how we can help you.