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Do you spend your crucial time finding slip and fall legal leads? Do you want to save those crucial times and help your clients win cases? Revolts Inc is the leading slip and fall legal lead generation services provider for lawyers, practitioners, attorneys, and law firms in the U.S. Being a legal leads marketing agency we provide high-converting leads for personal injury, like slip and falls.

Why Choose Revolts Inc for Verified Leads for Slip and Fall?

Do you want leads for slip and fall for your law firm? Or, are looking for a reliable partner to deliver? Connect with us as we provide quality legal leads with a proven track record. We have been marketing and generating legal leads for more than a decade and have served more than 10k lawyers and legal firms in the USA. Here are the top reasons why we are your reliable partner for generating legal leads.

Jornaya Trusted Leads

We work to win trust and build long-lasting relationships. Hence we don’t just deliver you legal leads, we deliver only quality leads so you deliver your best and win cases for your clients. And, all this begins with delivering leads approved by Jornaya. It ensures that you receive only quality leads that convert.

11+ Years of Experience

We have been providing slip and fall injury leads for sale for more than a decade. We have been serving law practitioners, attorneys, lawyers, and law firms across the USA with the best quality leads for more than 11 years now.

Vetted Team

We are a company generating legal leads for sales and keeping law firms thriving. We do not do it alone. We have a team of creative minds who work as your cavalry finding the perfect leads per your area of specialisation.

Only Pre-Qualified and Verified Leads

We do not deliver fake promises. Hence you get only quality leads and you pay for only the leads that convert. We are confident in delivering leads that convert and increase retention rates as we generate leads using reliable sources.

Comprehensive Support

As we have mentioned we work to build trust and long-lasting relationships. We provide comprehensive support that begins right after you purchase slip-and-fall legal leads till you convert them to clients.

Cost Effective Legal Leads Generation Services

All legal leads we deliver to you are cost-effective as we sell legal leads at unbeatable prices. We also offer slip and fall injury leads for sale for clients who buy leads from us frequently.

How Our Platform Works

For you, it is just one step to start getting leads for us. You just send us an inquiry and we handle the rest of the process. But formally, we have three processes to start delivering leads. They are as follows;

Connect / Register

This is the very first step where you need to connect with us. You can do this just by filling up the Contact Us form. We just need a few details of yours, such as what type of leads you want and how we can connect.

Leads Filtering & Matching

We connect with you and as per your requirement, we filter out leads. We have a special team that handles the lead filtering. For example, if you need slip and fall leads in Atlanta, our team will filter out the leads who look for leads for slip and fall lawyers in the particular region.

Lead Delivery

Now, you will receive leads, such as plaintiffs’ details as we agreed upon. If you need single leads or want continuous delivery, we serve all your needs. Connect with us if you need information in this regard. Consultation is free.

Types of Slip and Fall Attorney Leads We Provide

We at Revolts Inc provide comprehensive leads for slip and fall accidents. Whether you want to connect with plaintiffs of broad bones, back pain, skull, lacerations, or other injuries, we provide all. Find out the type of legal leads for slip and fall we provide and you can connect with us for more details.

Back, neck, and spinal cord injuries

Spinal cord injuries often occur due to falls. In many cases, such an injured person has to live a lifetime with pain and treatment. They are looking for compensation and look for fine lawyers who can help them file and fight cases.

Head, skull, and brain injuries

We generate legal leads for slip and fall accidents that resulted in head injuries due to slippery surfaces. They seek attorneys who can help them file cases and get compensation.

Broken bones and fractures

We provide plaintiffs who have broken bone injuries due to falls. You can acquire those leads at the best price and help them win cases.

Soft-tissue injuries

We generate legal leads in which the plaintiffs approach us for filing for compensation for the harm due to falls.

Bruising and lacerations

Are you looking for bruising and lacerations injury leads? We at Revolts Inc help you get those leads at ease. We are working using SEO best practices and getting leads.

Broken Hip

Let us find you slip and fall accident leads for hip injury so you can focus on fighting cases.

What Benefits You Get With High Converting Slip and Fall Legal Leads

Picture this, You are a slip and fall injury lawyer and you get only verified leads that convert. Now, you save the time, resources, and money that you spend on finding leads. Most importantly, doing practice is your core business objective and you are focused on fighting cases for your plaintiffs. Now you win more cases, helping your plaintiff get compensation. All these benefits you get just by letting us handle the heavy lifting task —find the perfect and verified slip and fall injury leads. Not only that but there are various other reasons why you buy slip-and-fall legal leads from us.

Higher Conversion Rates

With pure-qualified and verified leads, you can increase your conversion and retention rates.

Time and Cost Savings

You save time and money that you spend on finding leads as we can do this on your behalf and you do not have to break your bank for this.

More Focus on Your Expertise

We find leads for you. You save your time, and fight more legal cases, while staying focused on your core objectives.

How We Get Leads for You

We are a MASS TORT lead generation company working incessantly to generate quality leads for more than a decade. We know the market and how to find the best leads. Revolts Inc ensures quality and that keeps us thriving. Here’s how we generate leads

Paid Search (Google Ads)

We use paid marketing channels, such as Google Ads, Facebook, and others to read the target marketing and audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have an expert marketing team who work to optimize the website and get more quality leads with ease.

Social Media

We use Social Media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others channels to stay connected with our audience and help them.

Other Platforms

We use all other platforms, such as TV, Radio, etc. that potentially could help us find leads. 


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