Entrepreneurial Traits — What Makes A Great Law Firm Leader

Entrepreneurial Traits — What Makes A Great Law Firm Leader

Entrepreneurial Traits — What Makes A Great Law Firm Leader

There’s a particular kind of attorney who surpasses every expectation. They’re the rock stars we all admire and who appear to tackle and overcome problems regularly as they grow their businesses to astounding levels. What do they have in common?

Curiosity and Learning

"I don't think you can run a business today, whether it's a small, medium, or even a large size business unless you are developing"

How can some companies appear to be constantly changing upward trends? Simple. Their leaders are continually learning!

Sean Magennis impressed the importance of wanting to discover, grow, and gain knowledge of people, markets, and products. Great leaders are willing to find opportunities to broaden their knowledge and tap into their networks to gain a new perspective on their work and enhance the processes they have already put in their place. Some top tips to help you increase your enthusiasm to learn:

  • You can teach something to someone else, whether on the spot or through recording it in a journal. You’re sure to discover something new!
  • Make a list of your books to read—documents, journals, or books—it does not matter! Make time for yourself to enjoy.
  • Check out your local neighbourhood—attend workshops and seminars, and connect with your connections to share learning opportunities.
  • Make sure you are digitally connected. There are many ways to connect and grow, even during the pandemic!

Sean added that having a good work-life balance is essential for learning. Be ready to bring your best! 

Purpose, Courage & Authenticity

"Authenticity is more than speaking; authenticity is also about doing. Every decision we make says something about who we are" .

Many of the successful entrepreneurs he has spoken to have solid ideas about what they want to achieve and fundamentals. 

Purpose is the idea of creating something worthwhile, whether it’s a product or service. Personal injury lawyers know the value of their services to the people they represent, so keeping this in the forefront of your mind is essential. However, ensuring your focus is on the customer and the service you offer is a crucial idea that should be repeated.

When it comes to the principles, they are representative of your leadership and are your direction for every action you take. However, more than having principles alone is needed. You must follow through or be a natural person. Genuine, honest leaders are willing to place their values on the table. What does this mean? People who share the same values tend to work for companies that share their values. Research shows that this has a tremendously positive effect on retention—a good thing for expanding businesses that wish to keep their top performers.

Define Core Pillars

Each successful entrepreneur is a mix of persona, life experiences and world views. However, they all have one thing in common: they are aware of themselves.

Authenticity and courage require an authentic leader to be aware of what they are about. A great leader will have established pillars of excellence that guide all they do. It is time to focus on the details and put pen to paper instead of thinking about intangible ideas.

Core principles :

  1. Honest and honest communication
  2. The ability to be positive in the face of challenges
  3. Reputation for fair dealing
  4. Passion
  5. Unique vision
  6. Action that is verified

What are the values you stand by for your business? Consider naming your top foundations to push yourself each day. It’s impossible to be flawless, but a regular reminder will help you stay grounded in your choices and actions as an entrepreneur.

Compassion and Understanding

"The best leaders extend themselves, are prepared to make mistakes, and have true, genuine compassion"

It is becoming more often considered a key ingredient in a leader’s success. Leaders of this type tend to motivate rather than make demands. They are more interested in influence than in the position of authority.

A successful firm’s owner knows the importance of getting up daily and being their best. They encourage and reward everyone in the firm, from the secretary and intake staff to the top personal injury lawyer. The best ways to increase your compassion credentials include:

  • Spending time to discover your team.
  • Please give thanks for the work your employees accomplish, Every single one of them!
  • Be an intermediary – connect your team members.
  • Your influence extends. beyond your workplace.

"Research suggests that the most powerful way leaders can improve employee wellbeing is not through programs and initiatives but through day-to-day actions" -"The most effective way to improve employee wellbeing is through daily actions."

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